The Virtual Fitness and Nutrition Coaching programs tailored for you!

The Virtual Fitness and Nutrition Coaching programs serve many of our clients who live far away from our facility. They were looking, just like you are, for the right fitness or nutrition expert with the right qualifications and the right mindset. They were tired of searching in their local area and not finding what they wanted and needed. Someone who will work with you to create a personal fitness program that meets your lifestyle and goals. Or someone who can help you learn about the best healthy nutrition for you, with a medical and fitness focus.
Our experience and knowledge has helped hundreds lose weight, get off medication, reverse ailments, and live happier lives. 
The Virtual Fitness and Nutrition Coaching program provides 12 weeks of weight loss and transformation services starting with an initial consultation allowing us to learn about your overall health and eating habits, providing custom meal plans and solutions for weight management, building muscles, perhaps better health into your existing lifestyle. We provide online and/or phone consultations that are tailored to fit your specific fitness and nutrition goals. Our consultations will include a thorough assessment of your fitness needs and goals. This assessment helps us to provide you with a customized fitness and nutrition plan to follow every week. We provide weekly check-ins and can offer any additional follow-up support services as needed.

Packages offered:

Training/Nutrition/ Supplementation and Cardio Package

Training/Cardio Package

Training/Nutrition Package

Nutrition/Supplementation Package

Training Only Consultation

Nutrition Only Consultation

Customized Virtual Fitness and Nutrition Coaching program includes the following:

Comprehensive Nutrition Education: including food choices, supplementation, structure, and changes to the nutrition plan as needed.

Custom Exercise Routine: both strength training and cardiovascular programming will be included in the workout program.

Weekly Assessments.

Support: unlimited Q&A.

Training and nutritional programs are set up based on each individual’s goals, current eating habits, fitness level, and body composition goals.

Programs may include supplement recommendations, specific food recommendations, timed nutrient intake, use of free weights, resistance machines, cardio equipment, and/or bodyweight movements depending on the individual’s goals.

*Training and nutritional programs are a recommendation only. They are not meant to treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease or illness.

We are ready to help you conquer your body, are you?

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