Training Style

* Weight Loss, Muscle Toning and Core Training
* Pre-Post Rehabilitation Exercise Training
* Flexibility, Stabilization and Balance Training
* Foundational Strength Training and Muscle Development
* TRX Suspension, Kettlebell, Bosu, Medicine, Plyometric
* Sport-Specific Exercise Training (Golf, Baseball, Soccer, and Tennis)
* Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Coaching
* Virtual Training and Coaching
* Currently Modern, Highly Effective Nontraditional Strength Training
* Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Training
* Postural Exercise Training
* Youth-Based Exercise Training and Education
* Cardiovascular Endurance Training and Conditioning
* Functional Multi-Joint Exercise Training
* Agility, Speed and Vertical Training
* Senior-Based Exercise Training and Rehabilitation
* Circuit Style, HIIT, Tabata and Crossfit Based Training
* Posing Sessions for Bikini and Figure Competitors

Exercise Philosophy

We believe it’s essential to meet clients where they are and take purposeful steps in the direction of their goals, which enables them for success. There is no magic wand, no pill to swallow; Fitness is a lifelong commitment.

By practicing healthy lifestyle choices every day our client will learn to take care of yourself both in the present moment, and in your future. Together, we look at our client’s schedule and sort out reasonable goals, guiding them towards their success. We teach them how to deeply connect their mind and body by exercising with attention to detail. In deepening this connection, they develop a nuanced relationship that can last a lifetime. Our training sessions are not easy and we will push our clients, but never more than they can handle. Our only requirement is that they commit to doing the work and try to give us their all. We will do everything in our power to get our clients where they want and need to go. It is our pleasure and our passion to empower our clients.

We love the metaphor that is strength training. “In order to build power, size and strength you have to literally break down your muscles. This, in turn, switches on the body’s survival mechanism and makes the body build back faster and stronger. This also reveals a law of nature that can be applied across the board: sometimes life falls apart to come back together. You need to break things down to build things up.”