Tashi Fit is an influential alliance of trainers and coaches collectively changing the world of fitness on the go through innovative and efficient training and services. 

Tashi Fit launched into existence in 2014 when Gabriela Hosakova as a professional trainer and former fitness competitor had experienced and worked with many people needing the most basic support. Tashi Fit consider the opportunity to share our gifts with those that work with us as an honor and a privilege. We take pride in bringing our diverse skill set to our local community through hard work, inspiration, and a diligent hunger for continued education and collaboration. Each individual that collaborate with Tashi Fit brings the highest level of professionalism, setting the standard for world class personal training. The Tashi Fit Protocol is a proven system of empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and rehabilitation. Our professionals will help get you inspired through movement in order to live a healthier, pain-free life!

Tashi Fit concentrates to help:

– Improve Self-Confidence

– Improve Self-Esteem

– Help people to find strength within themselves

– Uplift Spirit

– To Empower

– To Educate

– To Enlighten

– And embrace improved nutrition eating and living habits


Tashi Fit includes an initial complimentary consultation and weekly/monthly assessments to measure my client’s weight, body measurements and setting up short and long term goals. The first step is to understand what the goals are and create a program to match the goals. The next step is to stay true and strong to the program. We at Tashi Fit love what we do; we help our clients get their goals in place and together, we execute a plan to make their physical dreams come true.