It takes a lot to be a successful competitor-  hard work at the gym, discipline in the kitchen and poise in the heels.
Posing sessions are an essential part of your preparation for a competition. How many of you worked so hard and were so disciplined in the kitchen, yet didn’t place as you desired? Well, what is the point of all the hard work if you do not know how to display it, right?  Presentation makes a significant difference!

Covering everything from A-Z with you regarding your contest preparation, including suit choice, tanning, shoe selection, skin preparation. Getting your very own signature pose during this session! This particular type of a setting gives you an opportunity for you to tweak your stances and have exclusive one-on one time together to figure out exactly what areas you need more coaching on and what areas you do not. This one on one setting also gives you an opportunity to fine tune each and every pose in great detail, including the right foot pivot, the individual T-Walk, the quarter turns and how to really work that stage! Learn with us to present yourself with a class and stand out from the crowd.

Comp season is here and posing sessions for competition is vital. Schedule your private posing sessions with your Coach and find the BEST way to present your physique. Coach Gabby is offering 1/2 hour posing sessions, 1 hour posing sessions, and a small group posing sessions as well. Coach Gabby will also provide you with all the contacts needed for all resources.

Our coaches serve greater area of Chicago and surrounding suburbs including Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, and most of Dupage county.


Contact us to find out if we serve your area and book a private posing sessions or a small group posing sessions :

1-773-562-1926 or gabrielahosakova@gmail.com

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