Exercise is the key to staying strong, energetic, and healthy as you get older.

Fit Aging is an active lifestyle, and as you grow older it’s more important than ever. Regular exercise will help boost energy, maintain your independence, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Exercise can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. And not only is exercise good for your body, it’s also good for your mind, mood, and memory. Whether you are generally healthy or are managing an illness, there are plenty of ways to get more active, improve confidence, and boost your fitness. And it is even a fun, too, especially if you find like-minded people to exercise with.

Fit Aging class blends a multiple component exercise program with group problem solving and education. The class is designed to increase your self-confidence in your ability to exercise safely and encourages commitment to lifestyle change. This program was specifically designed to work on flexibility, balance, strength along with functional movements, as well as increase confidence in the ability to exercise safely.

Program Details

This is an 8-week physical activity/self-management program that meets three times per week for 60 minutes per session. The 45 minutes is comprised of exercise incorporating stretching and flexibility, functional movements, low-impact aerobics/fitness walking, strength training, and balance exercises, followed by health education/group problem solving for behavior change. Before the end of the program you will meet with the instructor to develop individualized exercise plans that foster ongoing maintenance of a balanced physical activity routine.

Who should participate in Fit Aging?

Fit Aging classes are great for anyone looking get back into exercise or start a new habit, especially those experiencing lower extremity joint pain and stiffness.

All participants need to have clearance to participate in exercise from their physician.

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